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Vogue the perfect accessory for any stylish look


Did you discover a warm eyewear look on Instagram or a fashion blog and want to adopt it? There is a good chance you can find the right model in Vogue glasses selection. Brand designers often achieve the latest trends ahead of many competitors. The most recent example is the return of smaller metallic glasses, which provide a change from heavier frames. Vogue shapes in this style are available in many different versions. The range ranges from circular, romantic, and heart-shaped models. Also a reappearance are cat eye glasses made from bone. Vogue shapes in this style are sometimes a bit smaller and as such combine elements from the 50's and 90's. In some models, the shape is also intense and deliberately "exaggerated" to enhance their excessive aura.



Vogue VO 4183 352 Vogue VO 4183 352
Brand: Vogue
Unisex round eyeglasses Vogue VO 4183 5137 black ..
105.00€ 73.00€ Ex Tax:73.00€
Glasses Women's Oval Vogue VO 5316 2813 Millie Bobby Brown Black..
132.00€ 92.00€ Ex Tax:92.00€
Cat Eye Vogue VO 5317 2811 Millie Bobby Brown Red Glasses..
132.00€ 92.00€ Ex Tax:92.00€
Visual glasses Women's Cat Eye Vogue VO 5334 W44 Black..
114.00€ 80.00€ Ex Tax:80.00€
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