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20 Apr Polarized Lenses: Goodbye reflections
Giannis 0 1394
Polarized sunglasses have become popular with men and women who choose in addition to fashion and aesthetics, the effectiveness of their glasses.In the beginning it was a choice of sailors and skiers while later he became the faithful companion of al..
17 May The new eyeglass trends: Modern and popular Frames for 2021
Giannis 0 5476
The best accessory to instantly improve your style is a new pair of eyeglasses. A valuable item that every fashion lover should have in his collection. Whether you wear glasses to improve your eyesight, or to protect against blue radiation, or simply..
17 May What is Presbyopia?
17 May What are Transition Photochromic Lenses ?
17 May The Last Trends in Sunglasses for 2021
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