The best accessory to instantly improve your style is a new pair of eyeglasses. A valuable item that every fashion lover should have in his collection. Whether you wear glasses to improve your eyesight, or to protect against blue radiation, or simply without grades, for style, modern and striking glasses can raise the level of your appearance.

2020 brings a lot of elegant beauty statements and favors bold eyeglasses, but if you don't prefer large or colorful designs, this year there are many refreshed classic shapes that have a beautiful style.

Get an idea for the new season with the following analysis of the latest eyeglass trends for 2020. We've put together all the 2020 sunglasses, men's and women's eyewear designs, so you know what's a must this year and we think we'll help you choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

What colors in eyeglasses will be worn in 2020

Geometric shapes, delicate constructions, large frames, cat-eye forms and discreet details are in vogue this season for both men and women. Choose transparent frames for a light look or brightly colored glasses for an impressive outing. Be positive in blue and red shades or in thin and light gold frames.

Many popular trends are returning this year. In terms of colors, dark tones give way to interesting color combinations and to transparent and transparent pastel colors. The top modern eyeglasses have funky colors and several tortoiseshells. Black, brown, transparent red and blue frames are also very popular.

Discreetly transparent Eyeglasses

Transparent glasses are one of the most popular eyewear trends for 2020. The sheer bone has captured the imagination of fashion designers everywhere and is transferred to a range of clothes and accessories.

The white and clear bone caught the attention of designers who use them in different accessories - beads bags, shoes. Glasses follow this direction, with white and transparent eyeglasses being one of the top trends this season for both men and women.

Whether you want to achieve a discreet look or you want to impress, white or sheer glasses will do the job. To keep the interest in your glasses, make sure you choose clothes or makeup in lighter shades.

Soft pink eyeglasses

The light pink that comes in skin color is expected to be the next neutral shade that will dominate in 2020. This warm shade will highlight the features of your face. Add this special skeleton color to your collection and you won't regret it.

Unique eyeglasses in tortoiseshell

The frames in tortoiseshell and unique designs are your best choice if you want to stay up to date with current eyeglass trends. Forget the boring brown tortoiseshell - there are so many color palettes of this modern pattern that you will be sure to find the perfect one that will match your hair and your skin tone!

Eyeglasses with modern two colors and prints

They are a variation of the tortoiseshell, these eyeglasses have bold patterns and special color combinations.

Gold metal eyeglasses

When you wear gold frames you always impress. So it is natural for a beautiful look to include eyeglasses with a gold metal frame. Gold metallic glasses are thin and inspire elegance, ideal for a look at your work.

In gold, prefer round metal eyeglasses that have details and catch the eye. Round eyeglasses are men's favorites, but they can also be a great choice for women!

One of the most popular options for men is the large double-sided metal eyeglasses.

Visual glasses in Vintage Nude shade

Choose this year nude eye frames, light brown, beige, and caramel shades.

Visible glasses with bright red color

The trend of red glasses with its variations, whether it is pink glasses or purple glasses is mainly intended for women. These sweet-colored women's eyeglasses are bold and daring, a perfect choice for a fashionista.

Vision glasses trends 2020: The most popular styles and shapes

Thick glasses, hipster silhouettes, round frames increase their popularity, while elegant glass silhouettes such as cat-eye and square eyeglasses are as relevant as ever.

Large Square Eyelids

Eyeglasses with square lenses are always timeless. This year's fashion borrows retro and vintage elements from the '70s-'80s with large dimensions and thick frames. With truly square or gently rounded shapes, they will give a modern look.

Λεπτά και ελαφριά μεταλλικά γυαλιά

Μπορείτε να επιλέξετε μεταλλικά στρογγυλά γυαλιά οράσεως, τετράγωνα και πολυγωνικά, όποιο σχήμα και αν επιλέξετε σε μια ελαφριά μεταλλική έκδοση θα είστε must την φετινή σεζόν.

Κοκάλινα ή μεταλλικά Aviator Γυαλιά Οράσεως

Τα γυαλιά οράσεως και τα γυαλιά ηλίου με πιλοτικό σχήμα είναι από καιρό αγαπημένα των λάτρεις των γυαλιών.

Η πολύ αγαπημένη σιλουέτα του αεροπόρου δεν είναι πλέον μόνο στα γυαλιά ηλίου. Πρόσφατα, όλο και πιο αυθεντικά στυλ γυαλιών αεροπόρου εμφανίστηκαν, τόσο σε μεταλλικά όσο και σε πολύχρωμα κοκάλινα

Round Eyeglasses

Round eyeglass frames are a great choice for women and especially for men who want a change in their appearance. Their retro silhouette guarantees impressive reviews.

Cat-eye Eyeglasses

As up-to-date as ever, vintage Cat-Eye eyeglasses are still in style and are the most fashionable style for women.

Clubmaster Vision Glasses

Delicate and stylish, clubmaster-style eyeglasses are a power accessory for a professional look. Available for both men and women, the half-bone and half-metal vision skeletons are modern and practical.

Thin, narrow oval and rectangular tiny eyeglasses.

These eyeglasses with origins from the 90's have returned for this year

Although large shapes dominate the eyeglass tendencies, there is also interest in the narrow front of the glasses. The thinnest rectangular and oval glasses will definitely gain more ground with their elegant aesthetics. Bright and vibrant colors create a modern approach.

Classic Hipster black eyeglasses

Hipster-style eyeglasses are a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Hipster glasses have unique designs, usually in square lines. It is an ideal choice for creative people.

Statement Glasses of Vision

If you are ready for a drastic change with something statement, this year opt for an oversized glass with oversized size, bright colors and several decorative elements

Men's and women's eyeglasses 2020: New Styles, colors and shapes

The trends in eyeglasses are evolving rapidly these days, with new lines and color combinations every season, which makes it imperative to keep your collection up to date.