Polarized sunglasses have become popular with men and women who choose in addition to fashion and aesthetics, the effectiveness of their glasses.
In the beginning it was a choice of sailors and skiers while later he became the faithful companion of all outdoor sports, whether they are cyclists or climbers, golfers. But that is not all. An increasing number of people have turned to polarized lenses for common, daily tasks, such as walking or driving. Not without good reason.
From reducing glare from water or other surfaces to improving color clarity and vibrancy - polarized lenses offer a range of benefits that improve the way you perceive (and appreciate!) Images and things around you. For this reason, let's see what polarized lenses are in sunglasses and why they are so popular.

Everything you need to know about polarized lenses

What exactly is a polarized lens?

It's not your simple sunglasses lens, a polarized lens is a special lens coated with a unique chemical film that cuts off reflection and glare, allowing you to see better. Simple sunglasses can only reduce the intensity of the light that reaches your eyes. They are not effective in reducing reflection, such as polarized lenses.

In addition, polarized lenses really help you look better than regular lenses. The latter filter all the light indiscriminately, while the polarized lenses cut the horizontal rays that cause intense light (which scatter easily and abundantly), allowing the vertical rays to pass. This is because the vertically aligned light matches the natural tendency of the human visual system to focus on the vertical element of the images. This allows you to see better.

What are the advantages of polarized lenses?

In addition to eliminating glare, glare and better visuals, polarized lenses offer you many other benefits. First, they prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes, thus protecting eye health and normal vision.
In addition, they reduce eye strain (because there is no bright light, you do not need to close your eyes), thus helping visual comfort. And by allowing only vertical rays to pass through, a polarized lens allows you the luxury of real color perception.
The colors look more intense, vibrant and "true" than if you see them through a non-polarized lens. You will be able to notice details that are missing so far due to distortion of vision by non-polarized lenses.
Another case where polarized lenses are useful is if you drive for many hours. Horizontal light rays reflected on the car's windshield and windshield increase eye strain.
Disadvantages of polarized lenses

Polarized lenses make it difficult to see on LCD screens. If you try to see through the lenses you will notice that they are getting darker. Pilots are not allowed to use polarized lenses. You may have difficulty imaging some electronic devices with polarized glasses.
How fashionable are sunglasses with polarized lenses?
Just as much as you want it to be. Polarized lenses are not limited to sports glasses, they are also available in Fashion and casual collections. You will find polarized lenses that correspond to your personal sense of style, look for them in selected optical and online stores.

What are the best polarized lenses on the market?

If you are looking for quality polarized lenses, choose Maui and Jim lenses. Also excellent lenses are those of Ray-Ban and Oakley. But in other more fashionable companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, you will find quality Polarized lenses.

And finally, how can I tell if my lenses are polarized or not?
An easy way is to hold the phone, laptop, tablet or whatever else is the nearest electronic screen, look at it with sunglasses and turn the screen from one side to the other. Polarization will often make digital screens look weird: You may see a faint rainbow on the screen, a light 3D effect, or it may look completely black. Depending on the sunglasses and the angle of the screen, you may not be able to see the screen well. However, this problem is becoming less and less obvious as polarized lens technology is becoming better and better.
In Optical Fashion optics, we have a special test where the image on it is only visible if you are wearing polarized sunglasses. You already know what to do when you find out that your lenses aren't polarized, are they?

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