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Silver Glasses

Brand: Gigi Studios
Eyeglasses Round Women Gigi Studios Tribeca 63510 Rose Gold on white..
175.00€ 129.00€ Ex Tax:129.00€
Kaleos Wheeler 02
Brand: Kaleos
Eyeglasses Women Metal Square Kaleos Wheeler Silver..
290.00€ 195.00€ Ex Tax:195.00€
Eyeglasses Unisex Square KreuzbergKinder Ronen Silver..
183.00€ 149.00€ Ex Tax:149.00€
Brand: Oakley
Men's Eyeglasses Rectangle Oakley Extender OX3249 Pewter..
138.00€ 98.00€ Ex Tax:98.00€
Brand: Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban Aviator Rx 6489 2538..
128.00€ 88.00€ Ex Tax:88.00€
Brand: Ray-Ban
Eyeglasses Round Metal Ray-Ban Jack Rx6465 Silver..
142.00€ 89.00€ Ex Tax:89.00€
Brand: Blackfin
Unisex Square Eyeglasses Blackfin Aero A-M Silver..
350.00€ Ex Tax:350.00€
Brand: Burberry
Eyeglasses Women's Polygonal Burberry BE1361 Charley Silver..
227.00€ 159.00€ Ex Tax:159.00€
Brand: Gigi Studios
Men's Eyeglasses Gigi Studios Belgrado 6435 Shiny silver with rims hand-painted in blackSophisticated and elegant. Aviator style model for men with square hoops and double bridge. Made of stainless steel...
159.00€ 124.00€ Ex Tax:124.00€
Brand: Gigi Studios
Women's Eyeglasses Gigi Studios David 6475 Shiny silver and black acetateMeet DAVID, our unisex aviator-inspired design. Made in stainless steel and the top bar has an elegant acetate detail on it...
182.00€ 145.00€ Ex Tax:145.00€
Brand: Kaleos
Eyeglasses Women Square Metallic Kaleos Ness Silver Matte Black..
310.00€ 280.00€ Ex Tax:280.00€
Brand: Ray-Ban
Eyeglasses Women Metal Square Ray-Ban RB 1969V..
141.00€ 96.00€ Ex Tax:96.00€
Brand: Ray-Ban
Eyeglasses Women Oval Ray-Ban RB 1970V..
141.00€ 97.00€ Ex Tax:97.00€
Brand: Ray-Ban
Eyeglasses Unisex Round Rx 3947V Matte Silver..
144.00€ 99.00€ Ex Tax:99.00€
Brand: Vogue
Vogue VO 4024 352   ..
93.00€ 56.00€ Ex Tax:56.00€
Brand: Burberry
Women's Eyeglasses Round Burberry BE1354 Martha Sophia Silver with Clear Blue Light Filter Lenses..
229.00€ 160.00€ Ex Tax:160.00€
Brand: Burberry
Women's Eyeglasses Round Burberry BE1355 Sophia Silver Brown..
208.00€ 146.00€ Ex Tax:146.00€
Brand: Burberry
Eyeglasses Men's Rectangle Burberry B1356 Silver..
208.00€ 146.00€ Ex Tax:146.00€
Unisex Oval Eyeglasses Emporio Armani EA1120 Silver..
161.00€ 112.00€ Ex Tax:112.00€
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